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For. Schulz, mediatization  Renowned experts in the field of Medium Theory and Mediatization Theory discuss how media of communication evolved E-Mail: iren.schulz[at]uni- and discourses of communication and society at large (Couldry, 2008; Hjarvard , 2008; Mazzoleni & Schulz, 1999). On the one hand, mediatization means that  Feb 28, 2013 According to Mazzoleni and Schulz ( 1999 : 250), “mediatized politics is politics that has lost its autonomy, has become dependent in its central  Pobrane z czasopisma Mediatizations Studies Mazzoleni and Schulz 1999; Schulz 2004; Strömbäck 2008; 2011; Strömbäck and. Oct 25, 2018 Schulz 2004 (cited under Mediatization) explains such processes in terms of “ extension, substitution, amalgamation and accommodation.

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Mediatization and Political Autonomy: A Systems Approach; Frank Marcinkowski and Adrian Steiner Part III: DIMENSIONS OF MEDIATIZATION 6. Also, the consumption of political media content is a form of political communication too. While politics is becoming more dependent, in its central functions, on mass media, questions relating to the ‘mediatization of politics’ are assuming higher ranks on the research agenda (Mazzoleni & Schulz 1999). zoleni 2008b), mediatization is a process-oriented concept, focused on increasing media influence (Hjarvard 2004, 2008; Mazzoleni and Schulz 1999). There is  Conceptually speaking, mediated politics does not equal mediatized politics ( Mazzoleni and Schulz 1999). On the most general level, mediated poli- tics refers to a  9 Winfried Schulz, 'Reconstructing Mediatization as an Analytical Concept', European Journal of. Communication, 19.1 (2004), 87–101; Gianpetro Mazzoleni   Jun 5, 2008 Mediatization of politics is a complex process that is closely linked to the to the functioning of political systems (Mazzoleni & Schulz 1999).

The mediatization of society: a theory of the media as agents of social and cultural change. Nordicom Review, 29, 105-134.

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The mediatization of society: A theory of the media as agents of social and cultural change. Nordicom review, 29(2), pp.102-131.) Put simply, [the] Stig is arguing that the media has come to occupy such a prominent position in our society that the world as we know it could no longer function without it.

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After reviewing existing discussions of mediatization by Krotz (2007), Mazzoleni and Schultz 1999), today it has been named a “key concept” (Lundby 2009) through which media researchers try to understand the importance of media to society and culture. evolution of modern political communication. Mediatization is a process-oriented concept and when applied to politics, we create the abstract definition of the interdependent relationship between media and the political process. Mazzoleni and Schulz define this oriented process as Known as “mediatization”, this phenomenon involves various processes, such as (a) extending human communication beyond their natural limits, (b) replacing several social activities and institutions and above all (c) obliging social actors and organizations to accommodate themselves to the logic of the media (Schulz, 2004). It is argued that mediatization (developed, for example, by Stig Hjarvard and Winfried Schulz) is stronger at addressing aspects of media textuality, suggesting that a unitary media-based logic is at work. A burgeoning literature of “mediatization-in-politics” has produced well-defined, well-analyzed and research-serviceable versions of the concept (see especially Chapter 1 of this volume; Strömbäck, 2008; Strömbäck & Esser, 2009; Schulz, 2004).

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the concept of mediatization and the concept of mediation. The concept of mediatization (developed for example by Stig Hjarvard and Winfried Schulz), it is argued, is stronger at addressing aspects of media textuality, suggesting that a unitary media-based logic is at work. In spite of its apparent vagueness, the concept of mediation (developed in Media influence in the context of mediatization is thus a broader concept than media effects and “both transcends and includes media effects” (Schulz 2004,90).For example, most media effect theories assume that media effects follow from content, whereas mediatization also includes how media through their very existence and semi- In other words, we f 252 Gianpietro Mazzoleni and Winfried Schulz are facing a symbiotic relationship that is characterized by a mediatization of politics and, at the same time, politicians’ instrumental use of mass media for particular political goals. Winfried Schulz establishes four dimensions of mediatization: (1) the extension of human capacities for communication through time and space, (2) the substitution of prior or direct social develop the concept toward a more coherent and precise understanding of mediatization as a social and cultural process (Krotz, 2007; Schulz, 2004). Therefore, let us start by examining the various meanings the concept has been given in earlier work. Mediatization was first applied to media’s impact on political communication and Mediatization is part of a paradigmatic shift in media and communication research. Following the concept of 'mediation', 'mediatization' has become the proper concept for capturing how processes of communication transform society, designating large-scale relationships.
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Mediatization and Political Populism, av Gianpietro Mazzoleni. 4. Mediatization and New Media, av Winfried Schulz. 5. Mediatization and Political Autonomy: A Systems Approach, av Frank Marcinkowski & Adrian Steiner.

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Mediatization and Political Autonomy: A Systems Approach Frank Marcinkowski, Adrian Steiner. Part III. Dimensions of Mediatization. 6.