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In Latin, there are six: nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative and ablative. Thus Old English is more inflected than Modern English, but less so than Latin. This paper explores the syntax and semantics of the Romanian structure with a dative clitic which has possessive value. Romanian has a very broad use of this configuration, among Romance languages. The choice for the possessive dative construction, 2017-12-21 Possessive Dative Objects with Verbal Arguments Clause-Internally Initially, this problem was brought to my attention while lecturing my first-year BCS students on impersonal constructions.

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In Latin, the indirect object is always put into the dative case, but the Latin Dative Case has greater flexibility and more functions than the indirect object function in English. The possessive case only really exists in English in the personal pronouns: my, mine; your, yours; his, her, hers, its; our, ours, your, yours, and their, theirs. These are truly inflected possessive forms. dative and possessive of se: ehr, eer, er, är, Latin personal pronouns together with the possessive and reflexive pronouns.

- (The instrumental). The genitive was used. The dative case was used.

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(self/same); Personal pronouns; Reflexive pronouns; Possessive prono 13 Sep 2012 Possessive dative: it complements the verb sum (to be). Liber est mihi = I have a book. Agent dative: the dative case expresses the agent  24 Jan 2013 Dative of reference. Possessive pronouns in Latin indicate possession strictly.

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noun) – I am Marie. This is my husband. Ech gi mengem Mann e Kuss. – I give a kiss to my husband.
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Master the declension of German pronouns in dative online with Lingolia then practise declension in the free exercises. They are the subjective, the possessive, and the objective. In Old English there are four cases.

3. dative case, focusing on those structures in which the possessive meaning is added to a certain semantic function.

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DEM3 demonstrative root 3. DEMD demonstrative (distal).